Speaking Topics

Martin offers customized presentations for your professional organization or corporate event.


Below is a collection of Martin Brossman’s speaking topics.


Finding Your Sense of Humor

Your audience will be electrified with Martin Brossman’s powerful delivery about artificial intelligence and how it is affecting how we think, feel, work and live.

Beyond Ordinary Networking

Online Relationship Marketing

Get Over Yourself

Was there ever a time when coasting was safe? If so, that time is not this time. Invite Martin Brossman to challenge your  attendees. He’ll have them laughing and squirming with hilarious and all-too-familiar stories of human stubbornness, before nudging them to step beyond their own opinions and preferences to learn from the data.


Your Reputation On the Line

Martin Brossman delivers a riveting keynote on the crisis of ignorance about your online reputation in both directions, for damage control and for sales success.

Competing with Conflict

Most people tend to shy away from conflict, finding avoidance the preferable response. As Martin Brossman is known for, leaning into the discomfort is where the competitive advantage is. Your audience will be intrigued challenged to look at trouble in new ways.

Competing with Integrity

Transparency and authenticity are two Internet buzzwords. When the Internet knows all, sees all, tells all, integrity is the only strategy, the only defense when camera phones are everywhere and anything you do or say can be relayed. Martin Brossman will have your conference attendees on the edge of their seats with his talks on this topic.

Competing with Humor

Is your humor up to snuff? Have you been neglecting your laugh generating skills? Keynote speaker Martin Brossman has won awards for his use of humor in the community. Give your convention participants a light but inspiring hour with Martin’s talk on the competitive advantage of humor, when, what and how to get colleagues and customers to laugh.


Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Your audience will be electrified with Martin Brossman’s powerful delivery about artificial intelligence. How is it, and how will it be affecting how we work, think, feel and live? Do you know what to expect?

Living with Social

The numbers have spoken: 1/3 of earth’s population is on Facebook. There are billions of mobile phones. The Internet is read more frequently than anything else. Internet educator and social media expert Martin Brossman brings his fiery and keen insight to this topic with answers to: What’s it done to us? What’s it doing to us? What do we need to do with it?

Doing the Impossible

There are a million impossible things we can thing of, but for most of us, changing ourselves is one of the hardest. Veteran success coach Martin Brossman has achieved tremendous results with one key strategy. Bring him in to surprise and beguile your members with this unexpected path to success.

Professional Relationship Marketing

Additional Keynote Topics

  • Mastery, Integrity and Embracing Conflict – your Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Service in a Customer Empowered World
  • Relationship Marketing for Professionals
  • Instant Humor, Just Add Life – Using humor appropriately in the workplace to enhance productivity and morale
  • LinkedIn Training for Professionals — to Enhance Your Company and Career
  • Reputation Monitoring, Enhancement, and Management On and Off the Web
  • Your Reputation is on the Line – Managing Your Online Reputation
  • Building Your Professional Web Presence and Keeping Your Family and Yourself Safe
  • 52 Free Apps that can make you more effective and your business more productive
  • Relationship Marketing in our Digital Age for Professionals- Where it all starts and where it grows the fastest
  • Online Safety and Security for you, Professionally and Personally
  • What is Your Digital First Impression Online and Why it is Important
  • Beyond Ordinary Networking for Professional Success – Secret Threads – What drives effective networking and professional trust
  • Podcasting for Professionals
  • Dragonfly Thinking Training: How to integrate effective problem solving into your work to get superior results
  • What you need to know as a professional about AI and Machine Learning
  • Effective Online Communication for Professionals
  • Embracing Conflict – Becoming effective with conflict gives you a powerful competitive advantage
  • How to Get a 5-star Review & What to do When You Get a 1-star or a Negative Review
  • Referral Marketing – Where it all starts and where it grows the fastest
  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Being Effective as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • Transforming Conflict Into Enhanced Relationships in Business
  • Effective Online Communication for Professionals  (|)
  • Mobile – Increasing Your Bottom Line by Utilizing Your Smartphone
  • Thinking Creatively to enhance effectiveness & success
  • Enhancing Core Confidence
  • AI and Your Future