Reputation Enhancement

Below is a collection of Martin’s speaking topics related to Reputation Enhancement

Your Reputation is on the Line

There is a conversation going on related to you on the web, are you part of it?

Everyone has an online presence. It is a composite of your posts, what others say about you, and even the absence of your content. This conversation is as applicable to you as it is to the business. Martin Brossman delivers a riveting talk on the crisis of ignoring your online reputation, both positive and negative. Find out how to take charge of damage control and amplify your personal reputation online. Martin provides tools and actions you can easily implement for monitoring, enhancing, and managing a reputation online.

We are the New Media!

A grass roots approach for promoting your group, town, community and association without a marketing budget. 

Nothing is as effective as organized constructive actions from a collective group that wants to better and advance their mission. This inspiring talk gives the members of a group, organization or community a path and a process for collectively making a profound difference. You will be inspired to action with a unique results-getting plan that utilizes a process of micro actions and transparency of commitment beneath a unifying group commitment. 

Beyond Ordinary Networking

Great Networking starts with understanding what you have to offer to the world 

Discover how to create an active network on the ground and online that will support the growth of your business far into the future. Learn the strategies of the most effective networkers: how to build successful relationships on and off the web, how to avoid unproductive relationships, and how to turn negative situations into greater trust.

The Keys to Strategic Relationship Marketing

Discover how to maximize your social media and online presence

With proliferation of Social Media across the world, the next competitive advantage is an upgraded approach to enhancing trust, referrals and relationships in business.  

Learn how to earn and maintain a steady flow of referrals to build and expand your business. Real relationship marketing is the foundation for building and expanding your business. 

We love to buy but hate to be sold to. We love to recommend great places that help our friend but don’t like to be strong-armed. We love knowing we made a difference in someone else’s life but don’t want to be used. This is what real relationship marketing is about. It is the foundation to build on. It maximizes your social media and online presence. It gives you a fierce competitive advantage.