Social Technology

Below is a collection of Martin’s speaking topics related to Social Technology for Professionals.

Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Your audience will be electrified with Martin Brossman’s powerful delivery about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Martin says, “As our world gets more automated and AI gains greater dominance in our society, working on enhancing our best human qualities will give us a competitive advantage.” He will outline how it is being used, how it will be affecting our work, and intersecting with our daily lives.  

Living with Social

The numbers have spoken: 2/7 of earth’s population is on Social Media. There are billions of mobile phones. The Internet is read more frequently than anything else. Internet educator and social media expert Martin Brossman brings his fiery and keen insight to this topic with answers to: What’s it done to us? What’s it doing to us? What do we need to do with it?

Doing the Impossible

There are a million impossible things we can think of, but for most of us, changing ourselves is one of the hardest. Veteran success coach Martin Brossman has achieved tremendous results with one key strategy. He will enrapt, surprise, and beguile your audience with this unexpected path to success.

Professional Relationship Marketing

The best people to do business with are the ones that you know, like, and trust. Martin Brossman details how to build sound professional relationships to develop a full network of like-minded connections that keep you top of mind. And not just for your products and services, but as a professional colleague that they can rely on for outstanding referrals and partnering opportunities.