Social Technology

Below is a collection of Martin’s speaking topics related to Social Technology for Professionals.

Are YOU Really Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

What you need to know about AI and Machine Learning as a Professional Today

Your audience will be electrified with Martin Brossman’s powerful delivery about Artificial Intelligence (AI) & AI Chatbot integration. Martin says, “As our world gets more automated and AI gains greater dominance in our society, working on enhancing our best human qualities will give us a competitive advantage.” He will outline how it is being used, how it will be affecting our work, and intersecting with our daily lives.   This talk will also explain other current technology that professionals should have a working knowledge of. 
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Enhance Your Professional Career and Your Company with LinkedIn

Your LInkedIn profile is one of your top digital first impressions on the web. Does it tell the compelling story of you as a professional or look like an abandoned resume from your last job hunt? 

LinkedIn has changed in its use and perception over the years and this is the latest on what you need to know for supporting your career and the company you work with. What to post, how to respond, how to connect to people in appropriate ways. 

Martin Brossman joined LinkedIn in 2004 and has been training professionals on its effective use since 2006. He will include how a professional can use LinkedIn with Twitter and other social platforms. 


Understanding Your Digital Shadow and First Impression Online

In today’s world, having no digital first impression can be just as harmful as having the wrong online presence

What is the shadow you leave online, what is your digital footprint? Having the right balance of content on the web as a professional is key. 

Martin will discuss how to determine your digital impression online, how to monitor your reputation and inspire positive reviews online.  He explains an integrative process of maintaining your on the ground reputation as well as your online one. This addresses how to do this in safe and responsible ways.

Effective Social Platforms for Professionals

The Social Media landscape is like being on an Island constantly changing its terrain with random earthquakes. 

Having basic literacy in what is going on in the constantly changing social media world is important for professionals. Martin presents a working knowledge of the key social media platforms. An exciting presentation on what is going on today and what you need to know for your professional and personal life.