Professional Development

Below is a collection of Martin’s speaking topics related to Professional Development

Be Unstoppable! 

Identify what you can change, transform or choose that keeps you unstoppable in business and life

Martin puts the spotlight on developing a structured approach to achievement that makes you more focused and gives you a rapid way to resolve problems that arise on your path.  Learn how to keep moving forward in a constructive and productive way, honoring your existing responsibilities and obligations while building the future you envision. Discover how to transform failures into opportunities and limitations into resources.

Embracing Conflict 

Transforming conflict into enhanced relationships in business

Avoidance is the way many people choose to deal with conflict, but there are better ways. Martin Brossman provides real-world proven techniques that earned him the highest service award in his career at IBM. He was known as the guy that could deal with screaming customers and transform them into raving loyal fans. Martin shows that leaning into the discomfort of conflict is where you’ll earn a competitive advantage.


Enhancing Core Confidence

How to maintain effective Self Confidence in a way that’s genuine and does not involve putting out a false image

Enhancing Core Confidence presents real-world tested techniques to strengthen your core self-esteem and confidence. Martin Brossman has developed these methods both tested on himself and used with 100’s of clients over the last 20 years. The results you will see will allow you to be more effective in any situation.

Instant Humor, Just Add Life 

How to Use Humor in the Workplace to Enhance Productivity
To paraphrase Napoleon: “A person laughing, is a person conquered!” Getting your colleagues and customers to share a laugh with you gives you a competitive advantage. Have you been neglecting your laugh generating skills?  Martin Brossman earned awards for his use of humor for a positive impact in his community. Martin will share the business benefits of humor and reveal how to appropriately use humor.