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Insights Into Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

 in user-friendly terms

Everyone’s talking – but what are these things doing to us in reality?

Training and Presentation for Professionals, Groups, and Associations

by Martin Brossman, with Dana Gower MBA CCP ®


Understanding Bitcoin for ProfessionalThe Printing Press, The Electric Light, The Internet, and now Blockchain and Bitcoin! This presentation will explain how Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, NFTs, and Blockchain are changing the world of finance and will give you a look at the mechanics, benefits, and limitations of the latest technological disruptions. 

What are the risks and what are the optimum potential outcomes to individuals and institutions? How does the new “digital wallet” work? You’ve heard different things in the news, and from entertainment, family, and friends on these topics, and perhaps you’ve dabbled in Bitcoin.

 In this presentation, you will hear the latest developments, issues, and predictions in a comprehensive, but easy-to-follow, informative, engaging, and entertaining way. No pre-knowledge of the field is required for this training. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the basic processes, technologies, and terminologies of  Blockchain and the Cryptocurrency world
  • A brief history plus some current-day examples of the practical use of various technologies 
  • Understanding the risks and potential upsides of the emerging Blockchain field to both people and institutions

Class Materials: Access to a resource e-handout with extensive content and information for further education. 

Especially pertinent for CPAs, Financial Professionals, Attorneys, Small Business Owners/Managers, Marketing Professionals

Format: Available as an in-person presentation, a web-based presentation, or a hybrid          

Length:  Ninety minutes.  Can also be tailored for a one-to-two and one-half hour format to fulfill Continuing Education Professional  Development hours 


“Thank you for opening my eyes to blockchain and how I can use your presentation to help my 1,800 clients open their eyes to blockchain. And I can see how this will help us increase billings and gain additional clients.” JP, Raleigh/Cary CPA

“An exciting, informative, and essential course for everyone, even if you don’t care about cryptocurrency because at some point in the future it will change your world.” – Susan

“The only thing I knew about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was that the prices have skyrocketed. I did not understand what it was all about until Martin and Dana clearly explained cryptocurrency, its history and why it is so important with stories that are relatable to real life. Everyone needs to know this  information.”  Charles Register 

“This training was fantastic! This is so much questionable information out there and this cuts through it to give the most current information. Finally, the core information you need to know today about Cryptocurrency as a professional. You hear more and more about this Crypto world each day and intelligently participate in the conversation.” Whitney Hill

Martin Brossman & Dana Gower

Developers and Presenters:

Martin Brossman –

Dana Gower MBA CCP® 

To find out about availability contact Colleen at  or 919-847-4757 option #1.

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To find out about availability contact Colleen at  or 919-847-4757 option #1.