Read what students and conference attendees have to say about Martin Brossman’s public appearances.


Martin’s work and professional speaking engagements exude enthusiasm for life and encouragement to help others be all that they can. Truly an outstanding motivator! ~ Kim Mills, PHR, SHRM-CP, LinkedIn Review


As former State Director of the North Carolina Small Business Center Network (SBCN) and Assistant Commissioner of Small Business for the State of North Carolina, I personally hired Martin for several training sessions and know that many of our 58 SBCs used Martin’s talents. Reviews were very positive, with the majority of the comments being that they wanted more time. The breadth and depth of knowledge Martin can bring to an audience requires multiple sessions or a focused need for him to fulfill. Since my departure from state government, I have used his consulting skills on a personal level and can say that Martin can provide guidance and insights in a timeframe uncommon in the industry. Sessions with Martin are intense and practical. Martin is one of the few people that can bring you up to current practices within a very short timeframe. However, what impresses me most with Martin is his availability to assist in times of need. With other consultants, you may feel like the “take a number” scenario. Not so with Martin. He will make you feel as if you are one of his top priorities. Skill, professionalism, and compassion; that is what you will receive when you engage with Martin Brossman. Please accept this as my enthusiastic recommendation of Martin Brossman as a speaker and consultant. I am positive that your organization will benefit from his knowledge, skills, and ability. ~ George Millsaps, LinkedIn Review


Martin is my number one source for all things related to LinkedIn. If he doesn’t know it, it doesn’t exist. He’s a selfless helper, voracious student of social selling, and all around nice guy.~ Andy Beal, LinkedIn Review


The Capital City Club and the Cardinal Club, or collectively the Downtown Clubs of Raleigh, are dependent on Martin Brossman for his valued expertise in the field of Social Media. Martin provides expert and well informed leadership in our ongoing Business Networking on the Web group that meets twice a month at the Cardinal Club. He provides valuable information on how businesses can better position themselves on the web using tools such as Google, Google +, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. This has been instrumental in our establishing an ongoing strategy to create our own presence using social media as well as better control our reputation.


Martin volunteered as our Social Media expert for the 10th Annual Big Bad Ball fundraiser for Hospice of Wake County. His work helped to presell a significant number of tickets and continue to keep the event on everyone’s “radar”. This was crucial as in 2011, the event exceeded $1 million in total revenues raised for Hospice of Wake County over the events 10 year history.


Martin trained our sales team on how to effectively use Linkedin with practical applications on how we could elevate our Search Engine Optimization as well as gain insight on potential club members as well as future private event clients. I had success in using Linked in to prepare for meetings as his strategy helped me determine commonalities and potential topics for casual conversation as well as future business opportunities.


Martin communicates in an easy to follow manner where this new technology can be understood regardless of your background and his ideas and strategies can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time and within most any budget.


I highly recommend Martin Brossman. ~ Karl R, General Manager, Downtown Clubs of Raleigh


Martin not only knows his “stuff” but communicates with a sense of humor and with easily, understandable language. Highly recommend Martin! ~ Wendy Tepley, VP, BOS Digital, LinkedIn Review


I’ve known Martin Brossman for many years and in many different roles. He has been a client, friend, fellow board member and “coach.” Regardless of the situation, Martin is always, without exception, a smart and energetic source of support and guidance for everyone he comes in contact with.


As one of the most unselfish people I have ever known, Martin’s passion for helping others seems endless. He was born to be a success coach and now that he is sharing his talent large scale, the world is a better place.~ Rog Bates


Mr. Brossman is the main lecturer of social media class for Chinese Chengdu Delegation group. With great knowledge about social media in US, his lecture is both comprehensive and detailed. As a interpreter for the class, I found he is really a nice person to cooperate with, and what he is teaching now is also easily understood by Chinese government officials (which is also very helpful!). ~ Hanqi Zhu, Statistician at Cisco, LinkedIn Review


I have attended Martin’s trainings a number of times now. Each time I come away with an enormous amount of usable information and advice. He is a wealth of knowledge and a down to earth communicator whose enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend attending any of his classes.~ David Hellinger, LPL Financial Advisor, LinkedIn Review


To me, Martin is the perfect speaker. He has a knack for giving just the right amount of information. Enough that I feel like I have learned something. Not so much that I feel overwhelmed or that I have gotten a lot of details without an overview. It helps that Martin has a quick wit and a great sense of humor so he can drop occasional jokes into his talks. Again, there are enough jokes to keep me amused but not so many that I feel my time is being wasted. I strongly recommend any opportunity to hear Martin speak. I have never been disappointed.~ Jerry Wilson, Owner, Triangle Aesthetics


His contributions to this group are invaluable. I consider this group to be a wonderful resource for me; a “class” that I look forward to attending. Thank you, Martin, for all that you do! ~ Athena Delmontie, Certified Hypnotist


Martin is fortunate in two respects. One, he has found his gift. Two, he knows how to share it to make everyone he interacts with grow. I am fortunate that he shared his gift with me and through that, I was able to focus and finish my book, Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World. Martin was able to help me fight through the clutter in my brain and clarify my message. He is incredible. ~ Oie Osterkamp, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake, LinkedIn Review


As a speaker, Martin is an excellent trainer. I hired Martin to create content and present on customer service for my wife’s small business. He spoke to our 40 employees about a system for excellent service, even creating visuals to hang up at the workplace. We were very pleased that we selected Martin.~ Gary


Martin is amazing. I attended his Self-Confidence session and was bowled over with the information Martin provided. I consider myself to be self-actualized and didn’t think I needed the session, but was curious about the content.


Man, oh MAN, was it fantastic. Martin’s presentation style is warm and personable. His audience is glued to his every word and has no problem keeping the session interactive. If you see that Martin Brossman is giving a presentation on ANYTHING, run… don’t WALK to sign up.~ Sharon Hill, President, LinkedIn Review


Martin Brossman is an energetic and dynamic speaker and presenter! His message is for real world people who are dealing with real world situations. Dancing Elephants is happy to recommend Martin to any company or group that is looking for someone who is professional and quite entertaining. The only problem you will encounter with Martin is that your time with him will go by much too quickly!~ Tim Moore, Keynote Speaker Working With Generational Insights, LinkedIn Review


Martin is a passionate trainer and brings so much added value to all of his workshops. He has presented numerous times. Those of us lucky enough to have attended came away armed and ready to tackle marketing and social media challenges of a small business. He reminds us that our customers are more tech savvy and expect us to be as well but that it is doable. His enthusiasm for helping small businesses is contagious and always inspires me to do more for my own business as well as those around me in the community. ~ Tracy Cotton


Martin Brossman is a dynamic and engaging speaker with powerful insights to today’s technology solutions. He delivers a practical, no-nonsense approach to providing solutions in today’s fast paced and evolving digital world.~ Jenifer L. Jordan, LinkedIn Review


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