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Martin Brossman energizes his audiences by captivating them, challenging them, entertaining and inspiring them. He has a joyful passionate spirit that continually seeks to grow, to understand, to make a difference. Not a small difference, we’re talking about a huge difference, a life changing difference in the people he connects with.

He has deep knowledge of the corporate world, the self-employed cosmos, and the blue-collar workers realm. He connects with college students through C-class executives. He’s been a leader in online education in the state of North Carolina, teaching many thousands the power of the Internet. As a coach he’s developed his expertise in human relations, collaboration, overcoming limitations, and he challenges and motivates people to step into their discomfort and grow.


Martin Brossman energizes audiences, makes them think, and gets them talking as they implement new strategies and techniques.

My vision is the success of your mission. I am dedicated to providing the information you need delivered in a way that will be heard and acted upon.

-Martin Brossman

Primary Speaking Topics

Professional Development

Engagement is about the relationship. Martin Brossman is all about that. Online engagement. In person engagement. Online relationships. In person relationships. Martin starts with foundations, with character, the strength of one’s word as one’s bond. From there he builds bridges of understanding, possibility, and collaboration with every talk he gives.
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Reputation Enhancement

Leaders must represent the character that they want their followers to embody. Martin’s common sense approach trains leaders to be respectful, honest, and work with integrity. He teaches soft skills that enhance the leader’s role, as well as digital marketing updates that management needs to be aware of for strategic communication.

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Social Technology

The most effective people are those who are willing to observe and learn. Martin shows how keeping up with changing technologies, incorporating tools and techniques that work for you, and having a global view while focusing on your role in your smaller world you will be a phenomenal success.

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About Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman is a dynamic trainer known for his insight and humor.

Martin is a success coach and marketing consultant who brings a broad knowledge of the ground game tied with online strategies. A member of the National Speakers Bureau, Martin is a popular speaker on social media and digital marketing topics. He teaches at NC State University Office of Professional Development Technology Training, North Carolina community college Small Business Centers and Chamber of Commerce venues throughout the state.

Martin offers customized presentations for professional organizations and corporate events.


Praise from former students and presentation attendees.

As an older Millenial I felt like I had a decent handle on social media, but after Martin’s fantastic presentation I realized I’m way behind the 8-ball. Not only did his material give a great overview of all the confusing social media outlets out there, but his enthusiasm and energy had me ready to hit the ground running with some fresh new ideas once I got back to the office! He’s extremely engaging as a speaker–no easy task when speaking to a packed room full of accountants!

Aaron Blackmor, CPA

No one in the country is more committed to micro and small business success than Martin. He “walks the talk” in helping people improve. He provides both incidental tips as well as in-depth advice around Digital Marketing and Reputational Management to businesses throughout North Carolina and in his original hometown area of Washington, DC. Businesses that follow his advice see more success, often very quickly.

Dana Gower

Martin Brossman is a dynamic and engaging speaker with powerful insights to today’s technology solutions. Although I am a seasoned marketing professional, I sat on the edge of my seat for 14 weeks to hear his thoughts and approach to social media marketing management. He delivers a practical, no-nonsense approach to providing solutions in today’s fast paced and evolving digital world. As the information revolution besieges us with emails, spam, blogs, posts, etc. it’s important to know who and what to follow. Context is King which is why I follow and read @MartinBrossman. 

Jenifer L Jordan


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