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by Martin Brossman, with Dana Gower MBA CCP ®


Personal Interest and Professional Development

Technology – Individuals and Business
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the 4th Industrial Revolution – Are YOU Ready? – Course #403
AI and ML tools and methodologies are rapidly changing the world, and professionals in all fields need to be acutely aware of the forthcoming opportunities, limitations, and impact of these innovations in the business world, on our jobs, and in our daily lives. You will learn what advances, such as “Large Language Models (e.g ChatGPT & Google Bard), Augmented Reality, AI Images and Video, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision,” are really all about. We also discuss how AI is expected to affect national GDPs, finances, jobs, and the future of work. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of AI and ways to prepare for changes coming. Note: This training is ongoingly updated and you do not need to know any programming for this course.   
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Length: 90 or 120 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 2.5 Credits

Financial Technology (FinTech) – For Individuals and Business
How Many Ways is Traditional Finance and Banking being disrupted by Digitalization and Decentralization? Course #404
This course addresses the rapid technological changes reshaping finance globally, including Web3, DeFi, cryptocurrencies, AI, and other FinTech innovations. As these technologies disrupt traditional financial services—altering transactions, investments, and capital markets—understanding them is critical to your business and career. The program covers key areas such as the rise of digital assets, the basics of blockchain technology, and the evolving regulatory landscape. It also explores how traditional finance sectors are being affected, the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and the impact on jobs, highlighting new roles and the need for reskilling. Neglecting to learn about these shifts poses significant risks to executives, business professionals, and company owners, potentially leaving you unprepared for the future of finance.

Length: 90 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 2.5 Credits

Technology – Individuals and Business

An update on: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Tokens – Digital Money, Fraudsters, and Bumpy Roads Ahead! – Course #401
Over 110 countries are either piloting, developing, researching or have launched Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which are virtual currencies issued by a government authority. This presentation will explain how these digital assets, also including cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, plus Tokens and Blockchain are impacting the world of banking, finance, governments and business. With new fortunes lost from coins and exchanges imploding, where is the industry headed – what parts will survive, if any? How do Peer-To-Peer transactions work? How do you keep digital assets safe from hacking? Perhaps you’ve dabbled in Bitcoin and have seen NFTs in sports and in the art world. We cover the latest developments, issues, and predictions in a comprehensive, engaging, and entertaining way – the specific risks, mechanics, volatility, potential long-term benefits, and limitations of the latest technologies.

Length: 90 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 2.0 Credits

Professional Development

Technology – Business Applications

Blockchain’s Promise for Business Process Improvements – Beyond The Hype! – Course #402
The Blockchain protocol offers faster, highly accurate, and very secure data transactions along with more robust tracking and auditing tools than traditional systems. Many experts said we would see widespread adoption of Blockchain technology by now, while in fact, adoption has been slower than expected. However, in recent years companies like Walmart, Coca Cola and Porsche have had successful implementations of Blockchain. Our training will help you understand this advanced technology and the overall landscape. NOTE: This is NOT Cryptocurrency Blockchain, but rather the real-world potential uses of Blockchain in business applications. 

Length: 90 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 2.0 Credits


Professional Development

Business Risk Management

Authentic Ethics in Business – Ways To Ensure Better Results – Course #207
Almost every business has an Ethics Code of Conduct along with formal training for their organization. Yet, these ethics policies are too often compromised by big or small violations on a too frequent basis. Why are ethics programs not more effective, and how much do compromises in ethics cost in terms of productivity losses, embezzlement and fraud, lawsuits, customer or client dissatisfaction, and lost revenue? Our training goes into the deeper human characteristics and environmental influences on behaviors that are the root causes of poor decision-making made by those who violate your policies, along with stronger ways to combat against it.

Length: 60 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 1.5 Credits


Professional Development

Advising Seniors on Holistic Life Planning

BOOMERNOMICS – Money/Family/Legacy Planning for Success – Course #114
Based upon the book, BOOMERNOMICS – The Baby Boom Generation’s Guide to An Encore Career, Fulfilling Retirement and Remarkable Legacy, this course will outline ways professionals can help seniors envision, plan and enjoy a fulfilling life – financially, mentally, and even physically. Many Baby Boomers, those born between 1944 and 1964, who are between 58 and 78 years old today, want to ensure a meaningful life and set the stage for a touching legacy of some kind for loved ones. The concept of Financial Life Planning, under BOOMERNOMICS, is the key to their success as Baby Boomers going forward, and will be explained in this course.

 Length: 60 or 90 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 1.5 or 2.0 Credits


Personal Development

Managing Life and Professional Changes

Charting A New Course – Financial, Career & Life Planning  – Course #115
Significant life or career transitions often involve various types of changes to one’s relationships, lifestyle and finances. With most changes, it’s natural to feel a certain level of anxiety and anticipation. Typical major changes include marriage or divorce, job promotion, relocation, retirement, layoff, or inheritance – to name a few. The exact emotions and outlook depend upon the person and circumstances, however every life or career transition presents an opportunity for growth, resilience and a broadening of one’s life experience. This course will outline strategies to help think through and make informed choices, before big decisions are made. 

Length: 60 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 1.5 Credits


Personal Development

Job Search & Career Management

CAREERING – Finding & Maintaining Meaningful Work In Today’s Economy – Course #116
Everyone knows that the days of lifetime employment with one employer are long gone. In fact, the average person will change jobs 12 times during a career in today’s “New World of Work”. Yet systems and attitudes about the transient nature of jobs have not caught up with the realities of managing a career entirely on one’s own. Based upon our book, CAREERING on Amazon, this course will show ways professionals can advance, remain viable, and brand one’s self for future opportunities as a “YOU INC” type business. This presentation will outline ways for you to take charge of your career, obtain more satisfaction, and increase job security.

Length: 60 or 90 minutes. CPE/CE Option: Typically 1.5 or 2.0 Credits


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