Dana Gower & Martin Brossman TrainingDiscover a smarter way to navigate your job hunt with our Smart CAREERING approach! This session equips job seekers with efficient techniques to streamline their search, saving time and effort and reducing frustration. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that lead to job search fatigue and how AI can optimize your application process for maximum effectiveness. Explore strategies designed to enhance your chances of receiving multiple job offers, empowering you to choose the position that best aligns with your career goals and aspirations.  The average person will change jobs 12 times or more during a career in today’s “New World of Work”. Transform into “YOU Inc,” to take control of your career trajectory and understand the critical role your networks play in achieving more job security, long-term. Join us to master the complexities of the modern job market and position yourself for success.

Key Takeaways from This Session:

    • Efficient Job Search Techniques: Learn how to streamline your job search process, reducing time, effort, and frustration while increasing the effectiveness of your job applications. What exact roles should AI play in this?
    • Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Understand the mistakes that most job seekers make that waste time, cause roadblocks, are self-sabotaging, and can lead to repeated disappointments, unnecessary stress, and sometimes even depression. 
    • A Goal of Multiple Job Offers: Learn lessons to think like an Olympic Champion in equipping yourself with the skills to not only secure a single job offer but to ideally receive multiple job offers, giving you leverage to choose the best position for yourself.
    • Better Long-Term Job Security: The Smart CAREERING Approach of recreating yourself as “YOU Inc”, in charge of your own career trajectory and realizing that a large part of your success depends upon the size and quality of your network contacts.

This session is designed for job seekers aiming to strategically navigate the complexities of modern job markets.


About Dana and Martin:

Their expertise is not just theoretical – both Dana and Martin have proven track records of helping individuals find and secure meaningful work. Their approach goes beyond typical online job application strategies, focusing instead on effective job-search techniques and strategic career planning. Whether you are early, mid, or late stage in your career, and aiming to refine your job search skills, this session will equip you with the necessary tools and proven techniques to avoid common pitfalls, save time and effort, and ideally end up with multiple job offers. 

About Dana: With a diverse background as a business, talent, and wealth strategist, Dana brings over 40 years of experience in executive recruitment, human capital management, as well as in traditional and decentralized finance, within Fortune 500’s and in small businesses. In his volunteer work, Dana is co-author of CAREERING – “How to Find and Maintain Meaningful Work in Today’s Economy” on Amazon and co-founder of the Career Network Ministry out of the Research Triangle Park, NC area. Proceeds from this book are donated to charity. On the professional work side, Dana is VP of CareerPro, Inc and a Financial Advisor with Millennium Planning Group. His personal finance book, BOOMERNOMICS -” The Baby Boom Generation’s Guide To An Encore Career, Fulfilling Retirement And Remarkable Legacy“ is available at no charge. Dana’s own Encore Career is dedicated to helping people in enhancing their professional and personal lives before and after retirement through coaching, mentoring, and with advanced customized training through Martin Brossman & Associates. He holds undergraduate degrees in economics and finance from the University of Maine and an MBA from Rollins College in Orlando, FL.

About Martin: Based in Raleigh-Durham, NC, Martin Brossman is a seasoned success coach, top trainer, and speaker specializing in sales/marketing, social media management, and career coaching, with a special emphasis on the impact of Artificial Intelligence in each of these areas. He has over 18,000 indexed pages of content on Google and over 10,000 followers on Social Media. His business card just says, “Google my name, Martin Brossman”. With a BA in Math and Computer Science from St. Andrews University in NC, practical early career experience in computer science, and a notable tenure at IBM, where he received the “IBM Means Service” award, Martin brings a wealth of experience to his coaching and training practice. His firm, Martin Brossman & Associates, offers targeted services in AI, digital finance, reputation management, branding, job search and business launches, and strategic professional development. Martin’s comprehensive approach helps clients refine their job-hunting strategies and professional skills, making him an invaluable resource for ambitious job seekers.  Martin’s latest two books are: Relationship Marketing³: The Ground Game for Small Business Success with Pat Howlett and Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses: A Practical Guide to Prompts and AI Operations with Dr.Justin Rose.